39th ELT Blog Carnival – Blogging with students

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Welcome to the February edition of the ELT Blog Carnival. I would first like to thank my fellow teachers and bloggers who contributed to this event. The topic of the blog carnival was blogging with students – how, why and where. I appreciate the opportunity to read the reflections, tips and tricks, suggestions, and samples of student blogging my PLN members wrote about.

Introductory post comes from Aleksandra Tasic who wrote about the reasons for and benefits of student blogging. I’m happy that this blog carnival inspired her to explore using blogs in ELT and hope we will soon read her students’ posts.

The big issue in blogging with students is choosing the right platform. I was foolish enough to have had Tumblr as my first choice only because I was familiar with its inner workings. I wish I could have read David Deubelbeiss’s post on the #1 blogging platform back then.


Lizzie Pinard describes her first experience with student blogging in her adult classes and shares valuable lessons she has learned in the process with a great insight into the potential of the activity in ELT. A special thanks to Lizzie for submitting the first post!

Tom Randoph takes a broader view of blogging with students by sharing 3 different approaches from his teaching practice with reflection on problems and limitations of different kinds of blogging. I’m glad that Tom hasn’t missed this blog carnival.

To round off this section, I would like to offer my post on rebooting writing assignments with a class blog.


Larry Ferlazzo was kind enough to share his student blog with us as an illustration of assignments, authentic student works, and resource links.

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40th ELT Blog carnival will be hosted by Lorraine Coleman Tribelsky on the topic of  project based learning in EFL classroom.






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